A basic turret, with health bar

Turrets are small, static structures that can be built by a few ships as their active skill. Turrets are allied to the team of the player who built them, and will fire automatically on enemies in range.

There are three types of turrets:

  • The Basic Turret, built by the M.O.D.
  • The Advanced Turret, built by the D.O.D.. Its is more powerful than the basic turret.
  • The Long-Range Turret, built by the Alert. It has a longer range than the basic turret.
Basic T


Advanced T


Sniper T


A player will place stronger turrets if they have levelled up the associated skill. Turrets cost 100 scrap each to build, and there is a significant cooldown time for this skill, meaning that multiple turrets cannot be constructed in quick succession, even if a player has a large store of scrap.

Turrets have a small amount of health and can take damage in all the ways a ship can. Additionally, a turret's health will automatically decrease at a fixed rate over time. Turrets can be healed by healing pods.

Turrets are placed at the point where the player right-clicks, meaning a turret can be placed a significant distance from the player if desired.

Kills and assists that a turret's fire accumulates are credited to the player who built it.