Upgrade paths

The different ships and their upgrade paths

Each player in controls a ship using their cursor. Ships can move (by following the mouse) and fire (by left clicking). Each ship has a limited amount of health. If the player runs out of health, the player dies.

Players begin with the Base Ship (Tier 1) at the start of each game. By expending scrap ships can be upgraded to stronger and more useful vessels. Ships can be upgraded three times in a game, and at each upgrade the player has a choice of three different ships to upgrade to, their options dependent on their current ship.

Upgrade choices are irreversible. It is not possible to "downgrade" a ship, or to upgrade "sideways" to a different ship of the same tier. Players should be careful when choosing which ship to upgrade to, as even the very first choice of Support, Heavy or Utility renders several higher-tier ships unobtainable for the rest of the game.

Each ship has three upgradable skills which can begin at level 1 and can be upgraded to level 8 at the expense of increasing amounts of scrap. At least one of these attributes will relate to an active skill which can be activated by right-clicking.

Ships Edit

In total there are 22 ships in the game.

Tier 1 Edit

  • Fighter (starter ship)

Tier 2 Edit

Tier 3 Edit

Tier 4 Edit

Upgrade costs Edit

These are the costs, in scrap, to upgrade a ship to the next tier. Scrap spent on skill upgrades deducts that amount of scrap from the ship upgrade cost.

  • Tier 1 → Tier 2: 1500
  • Tier 2 → Tier 3: 2500
  • Tier 3 → Tier 4: 4000